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Dear Working Mom,

I was a working Mom for forty years and tried to offer my family good, healthy dinners. There were a lot of conflicting priorities, but we made the family dinner our time to reconnect. It was hard, but I believe it really paid off. Although our kids are grown, the connection we formed continues to be strong.

Working Moms of today are finding it harder and harder to keep the family evening dinner alive. Carryout and fast food eaten in front of the TV or with Ipads and smart phones at the table is not healthy in terms of the food or in family bonding.

I am dedicating this blog to Moms who continue to make dinner time a priority in their family's life. There will be recipes, techniques, and tips to make the job a little easier.

One of my proudest moments was when, my then, 8-year-old son said to me after dinner, "Mom, you're a good cooker." I am using this quote as the title of this website. I hope you are or will become a good cooker mom too.
















The My Mom’s a Good Cooker website is for moms trying to cook good, nutritious meals for their families and bring them together at dinnertime. This site offers recipes, cooking techniques, and time-saving tips.


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